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    Hi Sara , Cookie is a smart little girl unfortunatly thou she is a bit of a handfull especially when she meets strange dogs, maybe she'll get better with maturity.
    Love your dogs looks like you and they have alot of fun and the little dach is lovely:). Tomorrow i'm off to Belgium to compete in the European Frisbee champs with my other deaf dog Toggle, he's a 9 1/2 lurcher so not expecting great things of him thou if he has a good day who knows.
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    Hi and welcome.
    I love Rigby's trick!!!
    Good luck in Belgium!!
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    Hi! I love your picture. So cute! Wow 6 dogs must be a handful
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    Back from European Frisbee Champs in Belgium.
    Wizzard (avater) finished 16th out of 67 in Super pro Toss & Fetch
    Toggle my deaf dog finished 54th in the same event.
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