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    I have two greyhounds, Zephyr 4 1/2 yrs. old and Astro 2 yrs old. I'm hoping to find a few tricks I can train them to do. They've both been through basic obedience and I do some agility and Rally training with them, and they each know a couple tricks. I was told and read that teaching them tricks can help build your bond with your dogs, so I hope we'll get some of those benefits too. :)


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    Hi and welcome to DTA! Such lovely dogs you have!

    Yes I saw this video, because of the austalian shepherds:) This man, Jay Sisler, is the godfather of the aussie:D
    And I was amazed by how high that greyhound could jump!!! And I just love the winding up trick!!!
    I walk a Greyhound three times a week. She is absolutely fabulous!

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