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  1. My name is Jamie Robinson and I am a behavior trainer. I have three dogs of my own: Brynda a 3 year old Boxer/Aussie mix, Micah a 2 year old Pit / BC mix and Storm a 1 year old Rotti / Gr Pyr mix. They learn tricks as a way to keep them mentally challenged and bonded to me.
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    :)Hi there and a warm welcome to you,I love the "keeping your dogs bonded to you" phrase,I stopped training for nearly a year and Dodge s recall went completely to pot,since I started again,voila,he seems like a different dog (y)
    Looking forward to hear lots of advice from you:D:):D
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  4. Thank you both. :)
  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome to DTA. It's a great place, lots of fun people, just feel free to dive in any of the threads. Welcome aboard!

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