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  1. Zyatica New Member

    Hello all;
    We have just gotten a lovely 2 month old Jack Russell. Her name is Lucy.
    Having not had a puppy in years (our dog of 11 years recently passed away), its back to the starting block re: training. We have decided to use the clicker method and so far it seems to be working a treat.
    I live on the East coast of New South Wales, Australia.
    Cheers all
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  2. Zyatica New Member

    She certainly is a ball of energy and I have noted how smart she is already... lol if only she would clue on to other things as well..
    Today I am going to work on getting her to follow a lure, its hard she keeps going to bite which I am also working on...
    But good news is she can sit and walk on the lead now with out hassels..
    Cheers Z
    ps: Sara oh I will post more pics soon.

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