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As prompted by the forum, this is my introduction post. I have a total of six dogs, three of which live full-time with me, and three who live with other family members. Right now I have a Golden, Lab, two Shih Tzu's, and two Border Collies. The oldest is nine and the youngest is nine weeks.
I have two dogs that are accomplished in the media industry - one is currently in the process of representation by a professional animal acting agency, and the other has most recently been used as the breed example by crane cards, and is looking for other gigs' but is managed by me. I have a third that will begin training for animal acting soon, and the other three are just my amazing pets and family members.
Visit crane.com ---> search ---> Shih Tzu to see my dog's latest work :)
I'm not a professional trainer, and most of which I have learned with my dogs is by trial and error, and I enjoy learning tips and tricks and even other points of view from other trainers so, here I am!
In addition to tricks, I also participate in therapy work, obedience, Rally, agility and flyball.