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  1. guamgirl567 New Member

    Hello! My screename is guamgirl567 and I own a year-and-a-half year old puggle named Boomer. He is so smart but soooo stubborn and I hope to get him into agility in the future to burn off some of his energy. But first I hope to get him to learn some cute and some practical tricks!:dogtongue2:

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Welcome to the Academy! Check out the classroom and the challenge forum for some good trick ideas. Good luck with Boomer and enjoy the site!
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    A big welcome to you guamgirl. I keep hearing Puggles and stubborn in one sentence. :dogtongue2: They are very cute tho. I think here you'll find some great things to start off right. Check out the monthly challenges, there are some great videos and how-to's. The classroom is really nice as well. The beagle side of him will LOVE the running in agility. I suggest puppy agility first. I started my 6 year old golden that way and he was a screaming demon on the big course when he got there. Very confident and it was SO much fun. I am a forever student so will get back to it once I have my shoulder rebuilt again. setbacks schmetbacks :dogtongue2:

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