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I am a semi-retired dog behaviourist/trainer and a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Homeopathy. I love both sides of the work and have recently got back into dog training after the loss of my own rescue dog who became an Assistance Dog to me up until I lost her.
I train horses, Teach Classical Riding and am also a Judge at horse shows and Dressage. my website is www.animalholistichealth.com where we accept articles submitted by anyone on any subject if it's suitable. I am always looking for new and novel ways to teach animals any stimulating exercise as some dogs need that mental stimulation, like the 2 new ones I have just taken on although often it is owners I train :) I take into account the breed, what it was meant to do and go through a long checklist with owners regarding the suitablity of the dog they have for their lifestyle, how much time they can give per day to the animal to train and then try and come up with a training schedule which is fun and educational for everyone concerned. BUT I am always up for learning more and happy to answer any questions on medical issues as long as it's homeopathic as that's my forte. That was started by the loss of my Dressage Horse through a vaccine reaction and over use of anti biotics by the vets. His story is on the site and he's the reason I set up the website. I've been working with animals on and off between work and travel etc. since I was 17. I just love animals and wouldn't want to do any other work although I am getting on a little and a simple accident turned very nasty and stopped me working for 9 years but my little companion made life worth living as she was a total joy to be with.
I hope to learn a lot and maybe I can give something back to you.
Thank you for letting me join your list and see you on the board sometime.


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Samlea--big welcome. I'm sure we can all benefit from your wealth of experience. How great to see you here. I've worked with 4 behaviorists over the years for different issues/dogs and I can't say enough about how wonderful they are and what a difference they made. I recommend them often for problems and I commend you for your accomplishments.

Jump in with both feet. I'll look very forward to your responses to some of the issues I see here. :dogbiggrin: