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  1. sasha_mateer New Member

    Hello, My name is Sasha and I have a Siberian Husky/Wolf hybrid and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I am going to school to be a Vet Tech, I am in the Minnesota Army National Guard (hence I live in Minnesota). I am one of the biggest animal people that you will ever meet.

    Now, on to my Husky/Wolf hybrid. I adopted him, he was a couple of days away from being put down because no one wanted a wolf hybrid. But, I was there for him. His name is Buck (the humane society named him after 'Buck' from Call of the Wild), he is 2 years old. He is taller than the average husky and he had more of the wolfish coloring in his tail and on his hind legs than most hybrids (the humane societies vet figured him to be about 25% wolf). He is one of the sweetist dogs that I have ever met. He can be very stubborn at times. Especially when he is running around in the yard and doesn't want to listen to come back inside eventhough I need to get going for work (that happened this morning). He knows when he has to protect something or someone. Like when we were up north camping and there have been alot of incidents of Coyotes attacking little kids. Well, Buck would follow my 1 1/2 year old nephew(at the time) where ever he went. If we saw my nephew, Buck wasn't far away. If my nephew would go and try to go somewhere else and Buck was distracted by food I would tell him 'Go by Will' and he would follow Will(my nephew).

    Time for our new dog, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I just got him on Saturday the 19th. He is a sweet and loveable dog. I honestly don't have that much to say about him because we haven't had him that long. But i can say that he is a little goof ball. When we go to bed, he has to either be all of the way underneath the blankets or his head has to be under a blanket or pillow. People see his breed and think that he is going to be viciouse. He isn't. He grew up around little kids. The only reason that the owner had to give him up is because she is a single mom with a one year old and she is working full time. His name is Nino, he is a red-nosed, he is tan and white in color. He thinks he's a lap dog which is ok because he only weighs about 35 pounds.

    With both of those two. I didn't know how both of them would react to each other when I got Nino, but they both did great, there was a little argueing on whoes food bowl was whoes. But now they know whoes is whoes. Buck I have had for longer and so he knows that I am the pack leader and that I am the dominate one and when he sees/senses Nino showing dominance, he corrects him by gently but yet firmly at the same time, nipping at his neck. He is basically showing him that that additute is not right, that he is disruptig the balance of the pack.

    I appreciate whoever decides to read this and I apologize for it being long, its just when I get into talking about animals I can go on and on forever. I hope to be able to get to know you guys on here better!


  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Is it true, that a wolf-hybrid is really hard to train, and you can't forbid him anything, becouse they won't take care of it?
    There are no wolf hybrids in Hungary, since we don't have wolves here, so I don't know too much about them, but I've seen some writings about them, and they don't say too good things about them... :(

    Welcome to the academy! :)
  3. sasha_mateer New Member

    Yes they can be hard to train since they are very stubborn. But mine isn't as much wolf as most hybrids that you can buy from a breeder (most of them are about 87% wolf at the most). But Huskies on the other hand too can be stubborn. Sometimes he will listen and other times he wont. One time I had him outside and he picked up the scent of a deer and then he was gone. I was calling after him but his instincts just came into play and he knew nothing else but to chase the deer. He does the same thing with ducks that land on our pond in my yard. The only time he will stop is when he gets tired out or I'm able to catch him off guard. Of course he always comes back, he's a pack animal and I'm his pack leader. He can't do go and chase after the cat, he is forbbin to do that and he knows that if he does the cat will swat at him. People think that nothing with a husky mixed in with it will be able to live with cats, I have living proof right at my house.

    People say that no one should own a wolf hybrid but, part of it is keeping the animal in control. My dog has never shown any aggression twords another animal except wanting to play with it. Some people that own wolf hybrids treat the animal as if it was actually a wolf and leave it outside feeding it once a week (thats about how much they would eat a week). And then they would get hungry and see a little kid and the little kid would want to go up and pet the dog, well bye bye little kid. Most of the dogs that do that too don't have proper socializing with humans and little kids. Not to long ago there was a little kid that was attacked and killed by two cocker spaniels, but it wasn't in the news because it was one of the dogs that were concidered 'dangerouse' (The wolf hybrid, rottweiler, 'pitbull', akita, and the chow chow). Any breed of dog can be dangerous if treated badly(sorry that went kind of off subject).
    If you have any more questions just go ahead and ask me. :doghappy:

  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Could you post a picture of your dogs?
    I would be really intrested how a wolf hybrid looks like... :)
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    id love to see a pic welcome to the academy, i like wolf hybrids, petty we cant get them here id love one
  6. sasha_mateer New Member

    I apologize but I do not have permission to post pictures right now until I post some more posts. But that will give me time to find a picture or crop out all of my pictures with him in it. All of the pictures that I have of him on my computer was taken with a camera that is extremly expensive and so the quality is great but the KB's for the whole picture is well into the Thousands. So I need to try and get the pictures and make them smaller or crop him out or take some pictures of him with my cell phone if he'll stay still for them. I'm sorry about that. But when I can you know that there will be many pictures of him up here :)

  7. maxkaurasky New Member

    Hi :) Your dogs sound pretty, cant wait to see the pix! Ive got a wolf/rottie/malamute mix and he is very stubborn also. Hes the black one in my signature picture :)
  8. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Looking forward to the pictures! :)
  9. good_doggie New Member

    welcome to the academy!

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