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  1. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Hi, I'm new here!
    I'm not very good in all these introduction things, so a won't write much.
    You can watch the trainings of my dog on this site:
    Ummm, I'm 15 yers old, and I adopted my dog about 6 month ago. We learnt all these stuff in these 6 months.:doghappy:

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Some really good close work in the "Practise" video. The dog looks very happy and I think she looks gorgeous!
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I have only one question.
    She is mad for food. She only works good if she sees that I have some treats with me, otherwise, she hardly does the tricks this happy.
    Is there a solution for that?:msniwonder:
    I think I will try canine freestyle with her, but we have to work a lot until that...:doglaugh:
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    That's awesome! You've learnt a lot in six months, and you are doing a great job with your dog!!! :doglaugh: I like your dog!

    Usually food is only used to teach the behavior, once it is taught you can use praise and keep random rewards for really good responses.

    But your dog must know the behavior well before you can stop giving him treats for it - otherwise he'll stop doing it.
  5. fletcher New Member


    I dont have any advice as I am new very new to dog training - I am sure that one of the others will be able to help you out though. I just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on all of the tricks you have taught so far.

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