Hi there! =)


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my name is sarah, i'm from NC =)

i've joined this forum because a month or two ago i got a long awaited puppy :msnblushing:!

he's a black lab/great dane mix (pictured in my avi at 7 weeks old). he's now... 15 weeks old? i think? i might have lost track a little bit :msngiggle: he's growing up so fast!

anyway, we take him for a hike once or twice a day for exercise but that's not enough to wear him out! hehe, and i'd rather if he could have something that gives him mental exercise that's not playing with our ragdoll kitty as though he is a puppy or getting himself so worked up that he jumps up and pees on the couch *facepalm* hahahaha. (fortunately that's only happened twice)

so i'm thinking some tricks training might be in order.

for obedience, he's got "leave it", "come", "off" (for paws on the counter or the table), "go" (for leaving a room), "outside", and "inside", "sit", and "down" - and he's just naturally pretty good on a leash, so that's good :msnblushing: .

for tricks so far, he's got: "speak", "jump" (so cute and graceful, that one), "spin right", and "spin left"

we're working on: "stay" (i've always been intimidated by that command hahaha - i've never successfully trained a dog to stay... but i've picked up some good pointers lately, so... guess i'll just try), "heel", "halt" (for when he runs too far ahead of us on a trail. he's actually REALLY good about this one on the trails. he will stop and wait for us! it's so sweet! but at the park and such, when there's people around he gets a little over excited and forgets that he knows what "halt" means, so when that happens, we leash him up again) and "roll over", which totally cracks me up. he knows what i want him to do when i say "roll over", but i think because he's so lanky, it's just physically difficult for him to maneuver so he'll flop down and then slooooowwwwley turrrrrrnnnnn over. hahahahaha. it's cute. but he's learning and getting better at it =).

i would like him to learn all the tricks he can (that aren't hard on his half great dane joints, of course) because he catches on quickly and seems to really enjoy tricks training so far :msnohyes:

anyway, hehe, that's me and my puppy! i'm looking forward to being a part of these boards!

oh, ps: he's also got "kennel up", "go get it", and "bring it back" =)


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Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have one adorable and very bright boy!! He knows more at 15 wks than most dogs do at 2 yrs - you should be so very proud of him ... and yourself, too ... for all that hard work. Keep enjoying your boy, and I'm sure you'll meet lots of fun people here on the forum. Have fun!