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  1. AlexandraGR Well-Known Member

    I am Alexandra, and i have 3 golden retrievers, Anouk( our angel) , Aksel and Luck (my golden souls) . Aksel il a pure breed golden retriever and he is 2 years old, and Luck is a golden retriever and labrador retriever mix and he is 2and half years old. They have totaly diferent personality, Aksel is calm and peaceful, Luck has more energy .
    I hope we will learn usefull things here!
    Have a good day!

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome, your dogs are beautiful.
    Do you teach them tricks, if so what tricks do they know? Do you use a clicker?
  3. AlexandraGR Well-Known Member

    Yes, i teached them some tricks. And I am using a clicker. I will post a short movie with Aksel doing some tricks (com, stay,sit,down, play dead, be sad -head down-, roll over, turn around, speak, tank you -laying only with front paws- ,shake hand ). Now we are working at hide ( paw on face), go back (moving back), and please( crossed paws) . After that i wnt to teach him to bring me toys by name. Aksel loves plush toys, he has a lot of (a duck, a dolphin, a dinosaur etc.) and i want to teach him to retrieve the indicated toy. No i have a question: how i should do this? to teach him all toys by name , individualy?or to teach every toy by introducting a new one and so he will have to bring only the asked toy. I mean for example: the fisrt toy will be the duck, after he will be able to retrieve teh duck when i will tell him "duck" how to go on? to introduce toy no.2 dino , for example, and to ask him to retrieve the duck too or to teach him all toys individualy and after he will be able to retrieve them by name to put them all together and to ask him to retrieve a certain toy? Does any dog of you knows to do that?
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    AND WOW, nice list of tricks, too! You are doing something right!!:ROFLMAO:

    //" and i want to teach him to retrieve the indicated toy. No i have a question: how i should do this? to teach him all toys by name , individualy?"//

    This is very very easy to teach, with brand new toys. My dog learns a NEW toy name instantly, IF i tell him the new name AS HE FIRST MEETS THE NEW TOY.

    Here's how i did it:
    However, my particular dog, has a HECKUVA time, learning NEW names assigned to OLD toys, not long term anyway. Oh, he'll learn the old toys' NEW name, for about a week,:rolleyes: and then POOF! O_o he can't remember the new name of his old toy anymore after that, without ongoing lessons all the time, all the time.

    but NEW TOYS, EASY CHEESY,:D-------- instantly and forever after my dog knows that toys name.:)
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    and lol, on that thread above, be sure to read "reply #4"
    about a rubber chicken named "John":ROFLMAO:
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  6. bekah1001 Honored Member

    You just desrcibed my dogs XD. I have two goldens, I used to have a golden Lab mix. Riley is really calm compared to my other dog, Brody, who is more hyper!
    Welcome! I love your dogs' names!
  7. Dogster Honored Member

    WELCOME!!!! WOW!!! GREAT DOGS!!!:LOL: LOVE 'EM!!! I LOVE Aksel's tricks!!! I also love your language.. sounds beautiful!!!!:D
  8. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA!!!! Your dogs are so cute!!!
  9. AlexandraGR Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I read John!
    about my language is Romanian :)
    tomorow i will buy some new toys for them
    thank you for your beautiful words about my dogs

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