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hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and look forward to giving and receiving [sharing] all kinds of advice. I have 2 lively in tact male vizslas, and believe me without some sort of training our house would be chaotic.
I am interested in learning how to train for agility and freestyle.
My eldest dog [4yrs] has had basic obedience, my youngest, unfortuneately, has not. I have worked with him myself a bit. Life issues with an aging parent has prevented me spending as much time with him as I would like. He's now turning 2 years old and has a few issues to work out but in general he is a pretty good learner.
Both dogs love to hunt and retrieve. Goes with the breed. They are both extremely affectionate as well. I tell everyone who asks about my boys that they are high energy source of entertainment/amusement and enjoyment. But....they need lots of exercise and things to do or else they will bore and become destructive.
I look forward to learning new tricks and techniques form this group.

Rudy .... ps .. how do I put a picture on my profile?


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Fret not about starting at 2 years old for agility or freestyle. Vizslas are one of the most trainable hounds, but you already know that I'm sure. :dogwink: My boy Golden, now at the bridge, learned agility, rally, and got his CGC all after age 6. I bet you'll find a lot of great stuff here to start working with. Have you researched training facilities in your area? I've moved in the last year and am still looking for a new agility center with a lot of room and indoor/outdoor areas. Many of the facilities use aversive training here so it's been disappointing. Finding a good positive trainer and facility is my biggest hurdle.

I've just started looking at Silvia's site and training too. It is impressive.
Welcome and have some fun. :dogbiggrin:


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Hey! Another Vizsla! I just got my 6 monoth old Vizsla a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you it's been a real introduction to the breed. He's a giant goofball and I'm having a great time with him. :)

Welcome to the academy, I look forward to hearing more about your boys.

Oh, and if you're just wanting to add the avatar, the picture that shows up when you post, you can do that at: User CP > Edit Avatar