Hi - new here


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Joined a few weeks ago but never introduced myself.

My name's Leanne and I live with my partner Paul in Cambridgeshire, UK with our 2 old cats and our 10 month old border collie Vince. Vince is our first dog and we love him to bits! Full of energy with a real lust for life he loves everyone he meets (human or canine!!)

We have just started agility training and go to obedience classes once a week. i have started to use a clicker to teach some tricks and we are booked to go on a clicker training day in May.

Looking forward to chatting with you all



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Welcome to the academy. You will find lots of clicker support here on this site as well of many fun tricks to learn. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures and videos and be sure to keep us posted on Vince's agility progress!


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Thanks Jean - your dogs are gorgeous - I admired them in a couple of the training videos.

We've just been shaping 'paw on the box' after watching your video. After a slow start he suddenly got it really quickly!

Jean Cote

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HeHe glad you like it, I'm actually writing more shaping lessons these days, the next one will probably be released for next month's challenge tho. :)