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    So I was surfing the web and stumbled across your site and i read the thread about selecting the right breed. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!! My wife and i have 2 dogs of our own. We have a 5yr old Pit Bull named Max and he is the sweetest boy ever!!! We also have a 19 month old Great Dane/St. Brenard mix named George. My wife swears up and down that George is my dog twin!!! He likes his 3/5 walks a week, fetch in the back yard (only about 15 minutes worth though) and lounging on the couch with me. The Pittie on the other hand is waaaayyy more active! He runs and runs and runs!!!! Loves to fetch, wrestle, and tug-of-war!!! He also loves his snuggle time with mommy. Needless to say, we love our dogs, they are both very smart and easy to train. It took us a little bit to get used to the slobber and shedding from George but we love him so much!!! Both of our dogs were adopted from the Idaho Humane Society and got comfy in our house really fast!!! As i am on the forum longer, i will post more pics of my dogs.

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    Thanks! Excited about this forum!!!
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    Welcome, your dogs sound great. I can't wait to see pictures of them.
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    Welcome to DTA!

    It's great you adopted your dogs! There are soo many good dogs in need of a home. You did a great thing! :)
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    Welcome!!!!You sound excited to join the forum!! You did a GREAT thing by helping dogs in need!!!!:D Most of us here train using positive reinforcement, and we use clickers (!!!);) We here at DTA are obsessed with trick training!!!
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    Welcome to the DTA! Those giant breeds are so lazy eh? I have a go-getter terrier also :) and several others LOL
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    WELCOME!!! You can post photos NOW if you want to, of your dogs, (hint, hint):ROFLMAO:

    GOOD ON YOU FOR RESCUING!!! Can't wait to see more of your dogs!!
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