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Hi, I recently started clicker training my dog Hashibufu and the results are amazing :dogbiggrin:, though I had a lot of questions about certain behaviours, its so funny because I used to train dolphins with a whistle and I never got results as fast as with my Bufu (one of his nicknames :msngrin:) are dogs smarter than dolphins??? hahahahaha I guess it's the human that has to be a smart trainer, and this is the Buffs (another nickname for him:msngrin:)

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the Academy!

I think dogs might want to please a lot more than a dolphin!!!! :D Must have been fun to train dolphins, I swam with some in Venezuela, it was cool! But they feel like rubber :)


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I think dogs are more inclined to work for us than dolphins. :) Dogs have also been selectively bred to read human body language better. (Studies between wolves and dogs show that dogs just understand people better!)

Welcome to DTA. :)


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I've tried clicker training and have started it again with our new puppy. Springers seem to get things very quickly so the clicker is just moot with them. But I'm going to try.


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thanks guys :) glad to be here too!, yeah they feel like rubber hahahaha thats because they shred skin about 8 times a day