Hi, New And Nervous


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Never been good at introductions. My name is Titan and I have a Dalmatian named Dreamer who is being trained as my Assistance Dog and Therapy dog, I have been clicker training him since I got him as a puppy, he is 2 years old. I use hand signals to train him as I am non verbal and use AAC to communicate, I am going to start training him to respond to my communication device as well. He knows a few tricks and has basic obedience but would like to train him for a lot more things. Finding treats for him has been difficult as he is on a special diet as he is a stone former and has allergies so that has us really thinking on what to give him.
I also live with my partner/full time carer Nate who helps me out with Dreamer and most things in life. Nate had to help me a lot with this because I am not good with this kind of thing.


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Welcome to DTA!

My dog loves hand signals. I struggle to make him pay any attention to verbal so I know he'd love to be trained by you! He is really fussy about treats so I did a lot of his training with toys.

I'm sure you'll get lots of great advice on here, there are several assistance dog trainers that visit these forums and there are always good ideas about training tricks (both useful and useless tricks :ROFLMAO:)


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Welcome to the DTA! I have 3 deaf dogs, so I am quite good at communicating to my dogs non-verbally :) I find dogs learn faster with body language than voice commands anyway. Good for you for taking on such a big project! Enjoy this site