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Yeah, i am same way as you are, about having my dog think going to vets is fun. :LOL: I occasionally pull into parking lot, (my vet has glass wall, entire office can be seen from parking lot, and cats are on one side, and dogs on another side)
and if no dogs are in there, i bring in Buddy, give him treats, he gets fawned over by everyone there, and have him weighed, just for something to do in there.

then we leave, and Buddy thinks it was big fun.:D He gets stoked to pull into vets parking lot now.:ROFLMAO:


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Thank you all:) Everyone here has such wonderful dogs I ADORE THEM:D

Same with my guys. Our vet loves them just popping in, especially on the late night sessions when it's normally slack. They get played with, treats of course;) weighed and Ra Kismet shows off his latest tricks to the delight of the vets and other clients if they are around. Ra Kismet was a death row rescue too and he rescued me right back, brought sunshine, love and laughter into my life and his Big Bro Zeus' life after I lost my adored Tiger Lily.