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Hi Everyone, just wanted to say hello and that my dog Ziggy and I are looking forward to learning some new tricks on this site. Ziggy is a Sprollie, a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Collie and he's absolutely gorgeous, but I would say that wouldn't I?

We went to puppy trainning class for the first time last week - he's about 17 weeks now - and he was very good. Our homework was to sit, stay, down, stay and stand stay without touching the dog, and we've managed to learn that this week, although getting him up to stand is not always easy!

I've also been getting him to take things from me and hold them and he's quite good at that too. I'm sure he'll love to do all sorts of things as he's quick learner and has lots of energy that needs to be put to good use!

Roberta :dogtongue2:


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Welcome to DTA, Roberta! Hmm, that's an interesting combination. I bet he is a beauty. Good luck with your pup and keep up the good work!


hi i;m new i hope you enjoy your fun stuff from your friend harrison