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Hi Everyone,
I came across this website when looking online for information on fun dog tricks. I have an almost 2 yr old female Great Dane named Mya and a 3 yr old Shepherd/Chow/Retriever mix that I adopted from a shelter when he was 4 mths old named Buddy. I am a professional dog trainer and am looking for fun things to do in the house not just with my dogs but with the dogs I train for those rainy days when you're stuck inside.

Looking forward to learning fun tricks and games to play with the dogs inside.


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Hi Renee! Welcome to DTA! Danes are great. ^^ My friend has one. My personal faves are the harlequins. Very pretty. ^-^ Oh, you're a pro! That's great. Lucky you! Hope you enjoy the site!

Jean Cote

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Welcome to the site!! :dogsmile: We have a great community here and we enjoy training our dogs to do all sort of neat stuff. Keep an eye out for our monthly challenges (this month is to retrieve a remote control). :dogsmile: