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Hello DTA family!

I am about to be a brand-new first time dog owner! I am currently looking for a puppy to love and add to my family :) I have a few options, so I should be bringing him home within a few weeks. I came across this site while researching how to train dogs and I've learned a lot of helpful information! I was just wondering if anyone noticed or talked about this in a forum: is training a mutt the same as training a purebred? Is it easier, harder, the same? Does it matter? (I'm going to be adopting a mixed breed dog -- there are so pups out there being given away for free who need a good home!)


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Purebred or Mutt, LOL! I think the only difference is that with purebreds you might have more idea of what it is predisposed to do - salukis are sensitive, collies and poodles are clever, greyhounds like to chase, etc. Otherwise there is no difference at all. Just train positive and have fun! :)


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Like running_dog says, no difference. It all depends on the character of your dog. Some dogs are real smart and get the hang of things in an instance, some take forever to get it:D I have two australian shepherds and they are different in learning. Jinx is real quick and Cooper is more relaxed and does not see the need of learning. He is very smart, but also very lazy:p So I need a different approach.;)


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First off- thank you for adopting... I've almost made a career of adopting special needs dogs that no one wants.

This one (Scout, the first dog in this video) was 2 hours away from being euthanized at a shelter... for one reason, and one reason only... she's deaf!
The 2 Dachshunds at the end of this video are also deaf and somewhat sight impaired, and do tricks as well, though I have not trained them to the level Scout is at. Scout happens to be the easiest dog I've ever worked with, lived with or trained!

Basically, any dog can make a great pet, if their energy level fits your time constraints. And as far as training goes, any dog, mutt or purebred can be trained for anything, as long as their personalities and abilities are a good match. Papers dont make training any easier, just as not having papers doesn't make training easier.

Personality is the key, and finding a good match, so you're not frustrated with the dog, and the dog's not frustrated with you!

Enjoy the search for the perfect match (and dont pass up a dog with disabilities, if it's a perfect match in every other way) take your time, and wait for the right dog to come along!