Hi, I'm new =)


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Hello, I just joined this academy.

i've got a 1 year 9 months-old Border Collie, and since she is a bit on the crazy side, I thought I could teach her some new tricks. So far she knows sit, play dead, lay down, up (I raise my arm and she places her front paws there), fetch and agility jumps.:dogbiggrin: Also, I'm starting to train her for agility.

I'm from Chile, by the way. (small south american country)

Jean Cote

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Wow another border collie! LOL, seems like they all join up here cuz their dog is too smart for them, lol :dogsmile:

:welcome: to the academy and best of luck training your dog!!!


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Yeah....she is so smart that I've kind of ran out of things to teach her. I swear, I could teach her maths someday xD