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Hello! I have a 5 month old beagle mix puppy that I adopted from the humane society. I don't know what she's mixed with I'm thinking maybe husky or australian sheperd because 3 out of 6 puppies in the litter had one blue eye. My dog doesn't though..Her name is Sophie..she's bigger than an adult beagle, but she looks like a beagle w/out the black back.

Sophie is very smart! I've been teaching her lots of tricks...She already knows
Leave it
and then "put your little head down"
roll over
say "mama"
high five
dance (this is the clockwise spin) she also does this when we sing "you aint nothin but a hound dog

we are working on getting her to bay when we say "are you a hound dog?"
when she gets it right we give her the treat and say you ARE a hound dog! then we sing you aint nothing but a hound dog and she does her dance...it's pretty funny!

I want to teach her to "catch" a treat but whenever I throw it to her it just hits her in the nose and bounces off. lol my husband says its a maturity thing, and she just needs to be older for that trick.

See ya around! :doglaugh:

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Hi there!!!!!

:welcome: to the Academy!! Your dog already knows a lot, and soon you'll be teaching us how to train our dogs.. ehhehehe

Try it with your dog see what kind of results you get, remember to put your foot on the treat if it hits the ground. :dogtongue2:


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Thanks! I had already watched that lesson before I posted :) doesn't seem to do any good though even if i just drop the treat right above her she doesn't even try to get it. It just bounces off her nose and drops to the ground! I did use the video of the figure 8 through the legs and start having her follow a treat through my legs. by the second session she was going through my legs at the verbal command. I love it when they make progress! :)