Hi Im Maxine and i am almost completly new to the whole training thing!


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Last year in September when my dad was picking my friend and i up from boarding school i found the cutest and most fluffy puppy i had ever seen. my dad was doing some friends a favor by fetching this cute fluff ball from his old home and taking it to his new home. well on the way home i fell in love with this fluffy Maltese and my dad decided to bribe me. he said if i got my marks up, i might be able to keep him, all my dad had to do was ask if his 'to be' owners would mind me having him. the next morning i was attacked by a hairy, wet thing with very sharp teeth. turned out my dad had called the owners and said that i could keep him which gave my dad the sneaky idea of putting him on my head to wake me up. at first i wanted to teach him how to come when i called but that was a clear failure. my dad and i came to a decision that we would give him a Swahili name. we went through many names but either the name didn't suit his looks or his character. about 2 days after i had first seen him my dad suggested Chafu, which means dirty, and i knew that was his perfect name, because he has this brown smudge on his back and two black ears, which according to my dad made him extra special. any way my mom began to give in and slowly but surly admitted to adoring chafu as much as my dad and i do. i was left in charge of training him which didn't get further than house training and not-biting-the-furniture, for a long time because i had to go back to boarding school. but if you were to see him now you would find that i have taught him sit, come and how to stand on his hind legs and lean on my legs with his front paws to make it easier for people to greet him. at the moment i am struggling to teach him to lie down and how to walk on a leash.:dogblink:


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welcome! you'll find lots of great information here on training from the basics to very advanced tricks! :)


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cool! :)

p.s. i was a day student at a boarding school in high school out on the U.S. west coast. my dad boarded out... when he was 4! (that was in the dark ages, under the british system...)


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Welcome! Good luck with training! I am sure you will find some very useful information on this site.
Happy training!!