Hi, I am new


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I am new here! Thought I'd introduce my dog Kujo, he is a boxer and will be 1 yr in about two weeks! He is my big baby!
As for me, I work at a dog daycare/kennel, and just love dogs!


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Is your one year old boxer as mad as some of the ones i get to work with?
Hello from the north of england which is rather wet at the moment.


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Hi there sorry I didn't reply sooner, I signed up for this site, and forgot about it!!!
My boxer isn't mad, but he has some issues. He is great with dogs and people, a little shy with people at first, and will bark, but once he meets them he is fine. He is not quite as energetic as the boxers I have seen, but he does go to daycare all the time, which really helps, I'm sure.


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Doggie Daycare !!! What an exciting job. I would love to hear some of your stories and adventures there. Maybe you should start a Doggie Daycare Blog for us!
Welcome to the Academy! Come on over to the Monthly Challenge threads and the Montly Dog Trick thread and join us in our training quest.


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That is so great, your able to work with not only dogs but it sounds like you can bring your dog to work with you. That'd be great if you started a blog about your stories. You must have a few. Look forward to seeing you around the board.