Hi, I am new in here.


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My name is Janet, my dog's name is Princess, she is an Akita/Lab mix, she will be 1 year old on May 13.* We live in Dallas, and she will be graduating from Beginners training class next week at Petsmart.* I am planning on enrolling her in intermediate class next.* She is 58 lbs, black and brown, a very sweet but stubborn doggie that I really enjoy.* Right now, she is recovering from her Spay Surgery last Wednesday.


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Welcome and congrats on ur new puppy. Also it's GREAT that ur taking her to class. She's going to be a pretty big dog and training/socializing her now is the best way to have a calm controlable dog as she grows. Yay for you. Akita's and Labs can both be a little stubborn or aloof. The more exercise she gets the easier she'll be to train and the happier you'll both be. :dogtongue2: