Hi I Am Chris- From The Northern Ohio Area.... Cleveland Suburb.... I Rescued Frank In Aug !


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Frank has some dog aggression issues that we have been working on - I have already found your site excellent.


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Hi and welcome! Many of us on the forum have D/A dogs (waving hand here) - my girl (the lighter one, laying down) is dog-aggressive. There are many threads/discussions, and if you have issues you haven't found answers for, or need additional help, please ask - there are many talented people who can offer lots of suggestions and ideas.


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Hi and welcome!:) You'll find loads of advice on reactive dogs, I have one who become reactive after being attacked by another dog, so look through the threads, as many here have reactive dogs and there's a lot of really good advice. Please post a thread giving details and we will all help you. Kudos for adopting a rescue dog(y)


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Welcome!! I also have a dog who isn't fond of other dogs. You will find a couple threads on this site about this topic, and feel free to make your own! The members on here have excellent advice!