Hi Gang! New Member; Soon, NEW DOG!


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:dogbiggrin: ( 2nd try!) Hi Gang! I'm Justin ! I live in Chippewa Falls, WI & right now I'm looking forward to getting my new dog! First, I'm going to have to find a new place to live, but that will come - the DOG IS ! I'm an Artist & YES! :msnohyes: I do PET PORTRAITS! :dogbiggrin: You can check out my work at : Stonefeather Fine Art Studio
I work in pastels! Inquiries welcome! : [email protected]
I am especially excited about this dog because SHE is a Rare breed & I've wanted one of these dogs since I first discovered them in 1997! She is a Chinese Foo Dog !
Ch. Stockbury Fortune Cookie, "Fiji", 35 lbs.
by Ch. Stockbury Stone Temple Pilot
ex Ch. Stockbury Keystone Beauty
Black, Tan & Gray, Female, DOB: 121406, Age: 3
So she's going to be pretty special to me! It's going to take a while though, because of having to move. The landlord here is adamant about NO DOGS & refuses to even listen to any sort of reason - INCLUDING that she will be a "E.S.A." ! That's "Emotional Support Animal ! Google it! If your Doctor gives you a PRESCRIPTION - yes REALLY!. . for the Dog, NOBODY can say you can't have it! But, pick your fights carefully! If you're gonna rock the boat, make sure YOU aren't going to fall out in the process! But, Landlords can't charge extra fees - rent/ deposits - on a E.S.A. ! They're considered SERVICE ANIMALS! I'm A.D.D. / BI-POLAR! Trust me, when you live alone, a dog is GREAT comfort!:dogunsure: :dogwink: :dogbiggrin:
The health benefits of having a pet are well documented! In Physical excise - playing with & walking your dog; Emotional - everybody knows how great "PUPPY KISSES" are! and how much comfort it can be to have that sweet ball of fluffy fur curl up to you on the sofa! & Psychological - reduce stress, comfort, a dog's unconditional love!:dogrolleyes::dogwub::dogbiggrin: & all that we love them for!