Hi From Wales!

Cass The Collie

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Hi (y) I'm Ell, and Cass the Collie is my crazy little Border Collie puplet.

Being a Collie, she learns quickly and gets bored even quicker :ROFLMAO: ! She already knows;
Peek-a-Boo (a human sitting down version),
Give a Hug ('Hugs!'),
Cross Paws,
Shake Paw/High Five,
Turn Around/Spin ('circles!'),
Fetch Remote Control ('bring it!'),
Crawl ('creep')

She's a good girl to teach, a lot of the time it's just a matter of associating a word or command with something she does anyway - this is how we ended up with 'peek-a-boo', 'hugs', 'bow' (from her play-bow stance) and 'creep' from when she crawls after me when I've asked her to stay and she thinks I'm not looking :whistle: ...