Hi from South Australia


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Hi everyone am new to this site a friend told me about it and I certainly am enjoying it. My name is Linda and I have a 20 month German Coolie dog called Ashwyn, I am very involved in both Obedience & Agility and recently got our first title in Obedience. I hope to be trialling him soon in Agility he is a treat to train and soooo enthusiastic!!! In other words FAST & not being as young as I use to be my brain sometimes takes a little while to click in getting out the commands!!:dogbiggrin:

I've only taught a couple of tricks so far but hope to get many good ideas from this great site.
Linda & Ashwyn


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Hi Opalgal
Welcome. About time you got on here. Where did you get that name from LOL Her dog Ashwyn is my Gabby's brother so they are just so so smart LOL
Catch you on the weekend at the seminar LOL

Danni and the girls


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Welcome. I saw Coolies for the first time just this week. Lovely dogs. I assume the share the incredible intelligence of their ancestors. I'm sure you'll find much to keep Ashwyn busy here. What are Coolies like temperament wise just out of curiosity?


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Hi Snooks
Ashwyn has a terrific temperament, he is very good natured, highly intelligent, learns things very quickly, always happy. loves people, is great around most other dogs, VERY ball focused .
He is my first Coolie I have always had Australian Kelpies, and being biased think him great am looking forward to when we start agility trialling, once he matures a bit more think he will be good, that's if I can think fast enough!!!!!!!!