Hi from Ritzy and Opal


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Hi, Opal is a 4 year old Pyrennes golden retriever cross and we are doing back yard agility and meeting with others and their dogs every weekend for fun. I've made all my equipment , except the tunnel, and Opal seems to love doing it and having other dogs come and show their stuff too. I love teaching her tricks and found this site looking for ideas. I'm currently trying to teach her to back up, and I haven't come upon the best way to teach it. Do any of you have any ways that have worked for you? I've tried moving toward her, but I don't want to have to push her with my legs to get her to move. We have done some clicker training and she targets real well.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks, Ritzy


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Welcome to DTA! :)
I would like to make agility equipment too for home,practice, but don't really know how to get started... :D

Do you mean the hand stand? Here's a video that could help:


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Whoops, forgot to post the video... :D