Hi from NJ!


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Hi there! My name is Thy ( "Tee" ), and I'm a mom of 2 American Eskimo Dogs, Atka & Nuka. My dogs and I have had no formal training whatsoever, but enjoy learning and performing tricks. Atka is my boy and my performer, and we've done events here and there in various parts of the country as part of the show of another famous performing tricks dog, Jilli Dog, the "World's Only Poker Playing Dog". Nuka is my younger girl and excels at sitting there and looking pretty. :dogtongue2:

I heard about this site through Jesse and Kaine, 2 of some of the greatest tricks dogs I've seen!

I'm looking forward to learning a ton of information from this site and from the rest of you, and for making new connections as well!

In the meantime, here is a short video of some of Atka's tricks that you might enjoy:
YouTube - AtkatheEskie's Channel


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Hi, I am new to this site also. Your video was so cute!! What a great job you have done! I am looking for new tricks for my 6 month dobie..dont think she will be able to weave through my legs when she is full grown tho..haha. Still trying to figure out how exactly this site works.


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Hi Thy! Welcome to DogTrickAcademy!

I'm also in New Jersey, near the Wildwood area. It would be good to have another in the area also on here even if it's only by state. You both are welcome to message me if you want (and when you can), I promise me nor my dogs bite:dogtongue2:.



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Hi herb2relax & charmedwolf! Thanks for the welcomes. I'm also trying to get comfortable navigating my way around the site.

Charmed, we're in south jersey, too -- nar LBI. Atka is a little stinker when it comes to Boxer type dogs, unfortunately. Can't believe all the things all your dogs know so far -- that's great!! I can't wait to get more involved on here so we can learn all the things everyone else has to offer for us. So glad this place is here! :dogsmile: