Hi from Mexico!


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Hi! I have a 4 months old pug, I teached him to sit and he learned with no difficult, then I teach him down and he does it quite well, the problem is that hi gets confused when you say one first and then another command he really needs the hand signal, so he doesn´t distinguish the voice I guess.
He is very smart! He likes to be chased and to retrieve his ball and toys, he has lots of energy and spark.
Thanks to you guys, your page is amazing, I would like to see images about roll.
Also how to teach him not to poop under my bed, most of the time he does in the right place but he likes to poop in hiden places too.
Thank you for your cool site!!

Jean Cote

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Hi there! Happy to hear you are from Mexico, that's pretty far from Canada :)

Most dogs will rely on their sight more than sounds. So they will observe you very closely and they are experts at it, they will notice things that you don't even know you do. That is why I train the tricks with a hand signal, if you say your command 1 second before the hand signal, then with many repetitions (depending on the dog), he'll associate the command with the behavior.

As for your problem with your dog crapping under your bed... Well.. That's a whole other chapter! Maybe you should post that in the section of the community :doghappy: