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I've just found your site - I was googling 'trick training for dogs' and there you were! I can see it will keep me busy for a long time. I got inspired last night watching Jesse the Jack on youtube and thought 'thats it, I am going to crack on with trick training!' So here I am :)

I am owned by two black mini schnauzers sisters called Elsa and Greta (yes, I know, taking on two at once and sisters at that...!!) who are 11 months old on Saturday. They are very very different in personality, attitude and also coat so I am constantly having to adjust the way I present things as Elsa is more confident and Greta more nervous, plus they respond to training in different ways.

I use +ve reinforcement and the clicker and I have 2 clicker trained horses. An unusual way of coming to training dogs, starting with horses first, but there we go! Its strange and fascinating in turns noticing the differences in training another species but I am already seeing positive benefits in my sessions with my horse.

We've done puppy training classes and currently attend some really fun outdoor training incorporating K9 games and (shortly) Rally-O and tricks which I am really looking forward to.

I am really keen to have my dogs happy and willing and to offer behaviours whilst ensuring they are good citizens when out and about. Key challenges for me are of course training sisters, and also helping my nervous one not bark at everything!

Thats it for me :)


Thanks Tigerlily, I LOVE Kikopup! She has some great vids on lots of tricks and things too.

We are almost there with bark on cue with Greta - found that a great stimulus is ham LOL


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Oh, i misunderstood, i thought you were working on stopping barking, not getting her to bark on cue. ha.
My dog barks if i turn to him and say, "Buddy, wanna beer?"
ha ha.