Hi From California - me 'n Buddy


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Hi Everyone ~

I came across this site because I was googling around for new tricks to teach my dog. This looks like a very nice community.

I adopted my dog, Buddy, exactly a year ago from a rescue organization. They pulled him from a shelter just hours before he was scheduled to be put down. He's a 3 year old mix of some kind and weighs about 19-20 pounds. He's a really wonderful dog (aren't they all) and I've fallen madly in love with him.

I took him to small dog obedience right after I adopted him and immediately caught on how fast he learned and how much he liked to be engaged so I started teaching him some tricks.

I also discovered that he's terrified of clickers. I tried a softer clicker, a clicker under a towel, using a ballpoint pen - but he would just shut down. So instead I use the bingo word "yes" which seems to work well.

Since I've got him, we've gone to two obedience classes and we've just started small dog agility last week (not to compete just for fun).

I took this video in May of 07, just a few months after getting him. I know these tricks are fairly basic, but there ya go..

Ooops, just got notified that I can't post a video until I've posted 10 comments. How annoying.

Well, if you want to see the video go to google video and search for "Buddy Shows Off" It comes up first in the search results. Maybe some other kind soul could post the actual link?


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Well..... I loved watching it, and more importantly listening to it! I thought you were very natural with the dog, and it clearly enjoyed what it was doing. (Note to self: Barby is right, I do refer to dogs as "it" an awful lot. End Note to self.)

I'm a strong advocate of people using their voices more in training, and for me, you're a classic example of how it can and does work. I know another woman who just uses "that's it" as her marker and she inspires me in so many ways with the results that she achieves. I'm not deriding the use of clickers, just advocating more voice! :)

Really well done and long may it continue. :) Welcome to the DTA.