Hi from Buddy and me


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Hi there, we have an adorable cream labradoodle girl called Buddy. She's 12 weeks old and we've only had her for 2 weeks. She can already sit give paw and nearly lay down. We're just staring fetch as i have 3 boys who are desperate fro her to catch a frisby.....eventually.

we start puppy training classes next week for socialisation and maneers etc.

We live in suffolk UK

Jean Cote

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Make toys like the most wonderful and joyous thing in the world and your dog will like retrieving. :)


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Hi Bettina

Nice to see another Labradoodle on here. They are fun and intelligent dogs. I have Milo, a black miniature (although not so miniature!). He's 24 weeks and has learnt quite a few tricks - I've been clicker training him from 8 weeks.