Hi from Bailey and her faithful human


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Sending everyone regards from Bailey and myself ( Bailey's failful human companion ).

Bailey is a 4 yr old ( well, she'll be 4 in two days ), black & tan Amer. Cocker Spaniel. She's not only a great companion but also my service dog ( for hearing and physical assistance ) Because of the lengthy waiting lists for program dogs I ended up training Bailey to perform the necessary skills/tasks myself ( her Obedience School Instructor assisted with the training process also ). My educational background and training is in Behavioural/Abnormal Psychology and I work as a Behavioural Specialist for the local school board ... training a dog is a lot easier than doing behavioural programs for some of my students ... and Bailey never called me a nasty name, not even once ... well, as far as I know anyway - I suspect some of those muffled growls and grunts were her way of calling me nasty names at times. She's quite a character and a real charmer ( she's also a therapy dog and does visitations at various places in the community ) ... she absolutely loves kids!

Bailey's training is on-going and now that she's acquired skills that are related to her service work and general obedience we're working on some lighter skills and more entertaining skills and tricks to broaden her horizons and ... well, life can't be all work, gotta have some fun too! We're always looking for new ideas and techniques and we're looking forward to learning some new skills and techniques here.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing information and ideas ... be safe and well: Bailey & Hivin