Hi From Australia


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Hi everyone,

Just a bit about myself, I'm from Australia, I have three dogs, all girls, a Border Collie x Collie, called Flash, a BC called Loki and a BC called Kiya. Flash is 10 years old and is retired from competition due to sore shoulders, Loki is 7 years old, she is my champ, she has won everything there is to win, she is my angel and Kiya is 2yo is a fiery little beast, but she loves to learn and is certainly on the way up.

I'm also an agility instructor and love watching handlers and their dogs learn and thrive in agility training.

I love my agility, jumping and games, I've been involved with the sport for nearly 15 years, but I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, thoughts and just a chat.

Hope to talk to some of you soon

Vinnie and the girls :)

PS I've attached a photo of my girls, Kiya is on the left, Loki in the centre and Flash on the right :)



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Hi and welcome! Your dogs are just beautiful!! :love: Sounds like you're crazy busy with agility with your 'kids' and have been so successful - that's fabulous(y):LOL: . It also sounds like you can contribute a lot to the forum. We've had several new members from Australia lately - have fun!!


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Welcome to DTA!!!!!:) A lot of us members (including me) love to do agility with our dogs!!! Seems like you'll fit right in!!!:D Your dogs are ADORABLE, btw!!!!!:love::love: I hope you enjoy the site!!!!


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Welcome!!!! Your collies are gorgeous!!

Evie and I are hoping to get into agility at some stage ...... will be fun since neither of us have ever done it before :D


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Hadnt been on here for ages so just been looking around and who do I see lol
so when are you coming to adelaide

Have fun on here lol


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Hi and welcome to DTA! Sounds like your dogs have an awesome life doing fun agility! I hope to start my own dog in agility soon should be super fun and you can hopefully share some of your knowledge. Also your pups are super cute :)


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Welcome! Your dogs have such awesome names!! I especially love Flash! You sound like a very talented trainer, maybe you could fly on over to the US and give me some tips? :p

I do agility with my shepherd mix, and maybe one day I'll start with my crazy Kelpie dog. There are a few others on here who also do agility. :)