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Hello everyone. I am the proud mom of a 3 year old female BC named Alex. I have been working on her aggression and reactiveness with much success. Now I would like to do more with her, such as agility and frisbee. She is very good at frisbee and football. Would like to learn more tricks.


Jean Cote

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Hi Esox! Border collies are the greatest!!! ;) Next to huskies, of course.. HaHaHa, I'm just saying that because I got both. What kind of tricks do you want to teach your border collie? Since they are quite agile, usually I teach mine things like jumping on things, or running around telephone poles or going to touch walls ... ;) And my husky I usually train more cute tricks like touching her nose, things that doesn't require too much exercise, my husky is very lazy!


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YAY another BC owner. Fantastic. ^^ Mud and I are constantly looking for more to learn, and currently are up to about 40 commands. Trick training keeps her mind busy, and although she wouldn't make much of an agility or frisbee dog, she could be a decent flyball dog. Unfortunately there isn't a flyball group here. Border Collies will help you become more creative as a trainer, definitely. Mud is a rescued BC, Zeke is my BC/ACD, and I'm currently training an 8-month-old BC for someone. They are wonderful to train and generally a lot of fun just to be with!
And they will certainly keep you in shape! ;)

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