Hi Everyone!!


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Hi there! My name is Jessica, and I'm the proud mom to 2 dogs..

Rylee is a 6 month old female Border Collie. I have had her since she was 2months old, and she is a joy =) We are currently in "Puppy obiedence" class, and will be starting a beginners agility class soon.

Curly is a 2 year old male Toy Poodle. He is a rescue dog; my boyfriend found him on the way home from work one night [in the middle of the road - almost hit him :(] We watched for any missing posters, checked newspapers, called shelters, etc - but it was obvious no one was looking for him :( He was in pretty bad shape when we found him, it was clear he was on the streets for awhile - very underweight, coat was tangled & dirty. BUTTTTTT, now he is one of the happiest dogs [and most spoiled] that I have ever met =) My boyfriend is currently training him in agility.

I love teaching my dogs new tricks, Rylee knows sit/down/stay/high five/sit pretty/wave. We are currently working on roll over.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the forum :dogsmile::dogsmile:


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Welcome to the forum. I'm new myself but everyone is great and there is a lot of good help here. I have a border collie as well. Several people in the forum do.


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HI! I noticed that your name is 'lockeye rylee' ...... I have a lockeye as well, Lockeye Ace (IdolxShep 07). He is 1 yo. Are you on the LE yahoo chat group? Which breeding is Rylee out of?
Welcome to the trick dog list. This is a very cool site and so many great people here to chat with. Hope you have fun!
Sarha & Ace

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:welcome: to the Academy, glad to see that you rescued a dog from the streets and welcomed him into your life and heart.


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Welcome, Welcome!
I look forward to seeing you in the monthly challenge forums. They are great fun, and the support is wonderful.


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Hi there!
Yepp, I am on the LE yahoo group - Rylee is a Brook x Peck 07 daughter =)

I have seen some of your videos you have posted on the group...Ace is an amazing dog! I'm only hoping that Rylee can be that obiedient!:dogtongue2:

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Welcome! I'm new here too and have already gotten advice on help with my dog and help with my signature. Everyone is very friendly and I think it's a GREAT WEBSITE! I joined it originally to learn more tricks to teach my dog.....but haven't gotten past reading the posts yet. Have fun!


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Hi and welcome.

Your dogs sound lovely...I look forward to seeing photos of them :msnwink:

I also have a BC...Breeze...she is 3.


You will find many border collie owners on this site that can help you with the unique challenges of this breed. As for myself, I'm glad to see another poodle! I have a female miniature red/apricot and a recently adopted puppymill rescue toy gray male. Welcome to the DTA


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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!!
I am very excited to learn some interesting tricks from the site...
As I mentioned, I am going to be training Rylee in agility, but another goal of mine is to certify her as a therapy dog. The nursing home my grandma lives in has many residents who love to see fun tricks from dogs :dogsmile:


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That is one of my motivations for teaching cute tricks , I am going to get Ace certified next year for therapy work. There is a nursing home down the street from my house so it would be convenient and we can even walk there. :)
Can't wait to see some videos of Rylee. :)