Hi Everyone


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I recently just adopted a pup from the shelter, they brought her in as a stray so they don't even know what she is. I'm not sure either, kinda thinking lab, shepherd or husky, but not sure. This site is great and I've already been finding some neat stuff on here. I've got pictures on here of her.

Her name's Shelby... She's a great girl, and 2 days after having her, we had to bring her to the vet, she had a 105.6 temperature. She seems to be getting better now, but it seemed like she had a really bad cold. She wasn't throwing up at all, and she had normal poop. Still weighed the same (20 lbs) too. The appointment was Sunday, but she seems back to normal already! I'm just going to keep her inside and watch her for the next week or so yet. She's so happy and barely barks.

I think me and my fiance made a great choice going to the shelter. She was the last dog we seen there. We've got her crate trained already, and almost potty trained. The last few days have been great, she'll go to the bathroom right away when she gets outside. I'll be all over the site looking for info, but if anyone's got any tips on a 4-5 month old pup. I'd be more than grateful to read them. Also, if anyone has an idea of what kind of mix she may be, an opinion would be awesome. Thanks!