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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JP_, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. JP_ New Member

    Hi Everyone! We just acquired a 9 weeks old Siberian Husky. Her name is bella and she is the cutest pup! My wife, kids and I live in NY. We enjoy every moment we spend with Bella especially our two boys!!

  2. dogcrazy Experienced Member

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  3. JP_ New Member

    Thanks much!!
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  4. Evie Experienced Member

    Hi and welcome!!

    Have you owned a husky before? You're in for a heap of fun!! I hope you like going for runs lol because Bella sure will!!

    We'd love to see more pictures!
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  5. k9 crazed Experienced Member

    Welcome! Hope you share lots of pics! Congratulations, she looks adorable!
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  6. raymond upton Well-Known Member

    welcome you sure have your hands full now huskies need lots of excercise and alot of grooming good luck bella is a real cutie pie
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome, yes you'll have your hands full that's for sure:) Huskies are very high voltage on the energy level, guaranteed to keep your entire family fit! Have fun, Bella is a real cutie little lassie:love:
  8. JP_ New Member

    Thanks everyone!! I excerise regularly 5-6 days a week. I include 40 minutes of cardio in my rutine everyday, I hope this helps with Bella.

    She's young now and I was wondering when is a good time to start running with her?
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  9. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

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  10. Linda A Experienced Member

    Welcome! Bella is darling! I wouldn't be taking her any place until she has completed her puppy shots.
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  11. CarmenR Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DTA! You unfortunately cannot really take pups running on leash with you until they are at least a year old (at least that was what I was told) it is bad for their joints. I know it is absolutely horrible cos they have so much energy! I have heard of people letting their pups run on grass and soft surfaces but eg. sand. Oh and swimming that really tires them out and is safe for joints. Good luck with your puppy, Bella is very cute :)
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  12. Amateur Experienced Member

    Its good to know Huskies can be trained - there is someone on here ( I forget who) who has an awesome Husky
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  13. Dlilly Honored Member

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  14. Mutt Experienced Member

    Bella looks adorable :)
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