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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mickey123, May 18, 2012.

  1. mickey123 Member

    I am Mickey From Florida and i am new here and i wan to share my experience of dog training so i invite this thread.

  2. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member


    Have a great time here!!
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    Is that your dog in the photo? It is a great looking dog!! What kind is he? she?
    Feel free to post a larger photo of that lovely dog in this thread, too.
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!! Do you train tricks/agility????? Do you use a clicker???? I LOVE your dog, by the way!!!!! If you have any questions/ stories/comments.....or ANYTHING please share!!!!!:D
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  5. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Welcome!!! :)
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  6. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA! Enjoy the forum :)
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  7. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome Please tell us more about your dog.
  8. Zsu-Zsu Well-Known Member

    Welcome, I'm fairly new too, love to read aboutt the tricks everyone is working on, you will find great tips here to help you teach a trick! I dont know how to navigate this site very well but I will try to check in on you see what tricks you are working on.
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  9. mickey123 Member

    Thanks for invited and now i happy here.i read many time in many website dog collar usage but give me your suggestion?:)
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  10. sara Moderator

    If you're asking what kind of collars to use, I use flat collars, harnesses, front clip harnesses and head halters, depending on the dog. Never pinch/prong, choke or shock collars.
  11. golden101 Member

    happy doggy!

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  12. dogcrazy Experienced Member


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