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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by codysolo, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. codysolo Experienced Member

    Hi everyone my name is Abi. I am 21 years old and live in Norfolk with 4 lovely doggles :dogbiggrin:

    First up is my special boy Cody he is a 6 year old springer we compete at agility and he first got me interested in dog training.


    Then we have my baby boy my first border collie Solo he is amazing and picks things up so quickly. he is 17 months old now and does agility training he had his first nursery class in competition the other day and *ahem* mummy got him eliminated :msnblushing: i couldnt be prouder of my boy though


    Next is Bella she is Cody's full sister from the next litter she is now 5 1/2 years old and we rehomed her at 4 years old. she obviously didnt have much training in the first few years as she pulls like a train and can't be let off lead but we are working with her slowly but surely although it has taken a year and a half to teach her sit, down, stay, paw and leave she is more a woman of luxury :msngiggle:


    and last but not least is Herbie the baby (technically dad's pup) he is Cody and Bella's nephew so obviously also a springer and he is now 6 months old. He is quite a smart little lad but prefers exploring.


    anyway sorry i have gone on can't wait to start looking round properly and hopefully pick up some new tricks :dogbiggrin:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hello Abi! Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! You have some very beautiful dogs, I especially love your Border Collie, must be because I have one too! HeHeHe What tricks do your dogs know? Which one is their favorite? :)
  3. codysolo Experienced Member

    hi Jean thanks for the welcome :D

    tricks range from dog to dog :D cody knows quite a few bow, play dead, both front paws, roll over, beg, big beg, jump, speak, say your prayers, leg weaving, head down, balance a treat on his nose, leave treats laying on his front paws,walking between my legs, walk backwards, side step, turn, spin, keep me warm (where i lie on the floor and he lies across my body with his head on my shoulder), kiss, target, feet up, hold think there might be more but i can't remember :msnblushing: his fave trick is probably beg (unless of course you count sit and drool in hopes you might get a treat as he is very good at that one too :doglaugh: )

    solo hasn't done as much trick training but we are inspired so are doing more now :dogbiggrin: so far he knows both front paws, both back paws individually and together but he can only hop them in the air or hop backwards onto something like a chair cant do a full handstand yet, leg weaving, cover his face, beg, big beg, roll over, target, walk between my legs, head down, lay on his side, turn, spin we are working on speak and whisper and this morning he learnt crawl and to lay on his back with his feet in the air, also going to start him on show your teeth, wipe your feet, and to stamp his front feet on the ground (which he sometimes does when he missess his face :msngiggle: solo's fave trick is leg (lifting his right leg in cocked leg fashion) and hind (same but with left leg) he also loves turn and spin

    bella like i said doesnt know much really just the basic day to day stuff
    herbie knows paw, turn, spin and target his favourite is paw unless it is supper time in which case he becomes a spinning top)

    bella and herbie are my dad's dogs mainly though and i am the training nut so focus most of my attention on my boys cody and solo (althuogh i have taught the other 2 what they kow so far...can't help myself sometimes :msnblushing: :msngiggle:

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