Hi everyone !!


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Hi there everyone, I have been cruising the site for ages and thaught it time to say HI
I live in Brisbane Australia in a house in the suberbs have a big yard full of big dog,s
(cane corso italiano's) they are an italian mastiff, and I think the perfect dog, but of course I'm going to say that :msngiggle:. Love the site well done to the administration the info is tops I have used it lots latley in the training of my youngest pup "bella" who is proving to have a very strong will and a huge stubborn streak, god love her she is just like me :msnblushing:. I am a bit crap on the computer but will TRY and attach a picky of her.
Many thanks.


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Welcome to the Academy, Adam! Good luck with your lovely dogs and keep up the great work! Hope you enjoy the site. :)