Hi everybody


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this website looked so interesting I just had to join. My name is Sarah and I'm from Ottawa Ontario Canada.
I have a 4 year old golden retriever named Molly who is my "shadow" and the love of my life.
Last fall we added Darby to our family who is a golden retriever mix. Darby came from the Canine Rescue Team here in Ottawa operated by my niece Cheryl O'Grady. He is approximately 2 years of age and was a stray in a small town in Quebec. He has needed firm training as it appears he never had any guidance whatsoever. He is coming along and we are working thru his issues.
I have done obedience training with 4 goldens (3 have passed on) and love it. I did compete with my first 2 dogs to a CDX.
Looking forward to "meeting" interesting people here as I'm sure I will!:

Jean Cote

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Hi Sarah, it is very nice to meet you (and Molly too!) :) I hope that you enjoy your stay at the DTA. :dogwink: