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    Hello, my name is Jaycee, I'm soon to be sixteen c: I'm from Oklahoma, I've lived in Ohio all my life, and I currently live in a city outside of Houston, Texas. I have one dog, though I help take care of my grandma's three, and his name is Kobe. He is a strong willed little rat terrier, and very smart. He loves to learn and just be with people. Although he is three, he has not been taught how to properly walk on a leash yet. He loves to pull in front. We're working on his leash walking, and then I will try to teach him off-leash walking and staying when I need to run into someone's house or a store quickly.
    He knows a variety of tricks already, including;
    -Bang (I point my finger like a gun and say 'bang!' and he falls over pretending to be dead)
    -One kiss
    -Stand up
    -Wag your tail
    -Go lay down (For when he's in trouble or needs to calm down)
    -Drop it (doesn't always work for food items but he's very good at using it for toys)
    -Get your toy/they're home (I say this in an excited voice when somebody comes home and he wags his tail and grabs a toy to show them)
    He also really loves bottles. I bring them home for him almost every day. Soda bottles are best because when he plays with water bottles they make a loud noise that can become annoying. I also want to introduce him to clicker training, and maybe an agility course. He needs more activities to do, and he has separation anxiety so I make an effort to include him in all of my activities that I can. He seems to think he's a cat more than a dog, maybe he knows he has pointy ears and is smaller than other dogs :p He loves cats, and doesn't fight with them, just licks them all over (not to the cat's enjoyment). I can go on and on about Kobe, so I hope to meet lots of friendly people and share tips and stories about Kobe!
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    Hi and welcome!!! They are so cute!
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    WELCOME!! Yeah, it's pretty obvious from your post, you love that dog! and what a cute dog! And that is a nice trick list, too!!
    I so so empathize with you on the difficulties with loose leash walking, it was the same for me, i had a heckuva time teaching that to my dog, too.:rolleyes:
    Loose leash takes time and CONSISTENCY.
    Everyone who walks the dog has to be on board, all working together, and never ever allow dog to pull. Scolding a pulling dog teaches the dog nothing, absolutely nothing, as you may have noticed by now.
    Lots and lots and lots of ways to teach a dog to stop pulling.
    Here's what finally worked for me: (both are super short quickie videos, but, do watch them every few days, every time i watched them, it seemed to help me do better and better)


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    //"He needs more activities to do"//

    Daily tricks lessons are great for dogs, and your idea on agility is two thumbs up!! There is also flyball and other dog sports. Do google the name of your town + dog sports, or + agility, or + flyball.

    You can also make up your very own dog games, like my dog does "Search and Rescue" (he finds toys i have hidden) or he finds ME.
    My dog also adores picking up his toys, over...and over..and over....and that trick is not hard to teach, pretty easy, actually. We can help you get started if you want.;)

    //"and he has separation anxiety so I make an effort to include him in all of my activities that I can"//
    Maybe some ideas here on this quickie video might help your dog?
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    WELCOME!!!! Seems you're doing something right in training your dog!!!!:D GREAT start!!! Agility is an AWESOME mental and physical activity for both YOU and the dog. (y) Flyball is also great. You can also try frisbee, if your dog loves toys/frisbees.:)
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    //"He also really loves bottles"//

    so does my dog!!:ROFLMAO:

    I rarely just GIVE him the bottle, though. I rarely just hand my dog anything, instead, i make him "hunt" for stuff.
    I do this. I poke a few holes in the water bottle, and drop in some treats that will fall out as he plays with it,
    i show my dog the water bottle, he is now quite excited, he knows what it is and can't wait!

    THEN, i put my dog in a "stay" (this game requires your dog has a solid stay before you even begin to play this game---so you'd want to work on making his "stay" rock solid first)
    and i leave him there,
    i go hide the water bottle puzzle thing, in some room, or outdoors.
    and then, i come back to my dog, reward or praise him for holding his stay (it's hard when he knows i have a "puzzle")
    and bring him outdoors, or to room i have hidden it in.

    SO FUN TO WATCH!! :ROFLMAO: At first, i hid it in super easy places, so dog got the hang of it, but, overtime, i can hide it in harder and harder places, he never ever gives up, never forgets what he is doing, and keeps searching. Oh, the pride and joy when he finds it.:ROFLMAO:

    Also---------Here is a type of toy your water-bottle loving dog might like:
    http://www.petsupplies.com/item/water-bottle-buddies-dog-toy/492738 CW/?srccode=GPPETSUP
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