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  1. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    I am a disabled older lady. with 2 beautiful babies. Precious a 5 year old female shih tuz and Sassy a 8 month old 3/4 female shih tuz, my husband has a 1 1/2 year old boxer named Max, I am not a trainer but would love to learn how to train my babies. and nip some problems I am having right now. I found this fourm and y'all seam so nice and helpfull. hope to get to know ya and learn a few thing too.
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  2. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!:D Awww, your dogs are gorgeous!!!:love: We'd LOVE it if you posted some lager photos so we could see them better. I'm so glad you've decided to start training your dogs.:) If you're looking for trick ideas, there are TONS on this site. Most of us train with a clicker http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/memb...s-in-4-common-clickers-video.4964/#post-46493, http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/members/forums/threads/fun-question.4921/page-4#post-43850, http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/memb...d-with-a-clicker-for-newbies.5023/#post-43426

    Trick training is A LOT of fun for both dogs and owners. It helps dogs excercise their brains, and it's so fun showing off the awesome things your dog can do to your friends and family!!!:LOL:

    You mentioned you need help with a couple of problems. Please explain. We'll be happy to help you!! Enjoy the site!!!:)
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

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  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Feel free to ask anything! We are all very willing to help.
    Lovely dogs you have!
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  6. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome. here are pic of my babies, (pic 1)
    this pic is of Sissy Dog and Presious I had both since they where 8 weeks old. Sissy Dog the one to the back was 8 years old when I lost him to doggie cancer in December. Presious the one to the front is my 5 year old female after Sissy Dog passed Presious went into a drepresion so I got Sassy (pic 2) at
    7 weeks old she is 8 months now. (pic 3) my husbands boxer is Max.we have to keep Max apart for the other two. he is just to big and jumpie. he did not mean to but he jumped over Presious and poked her eye and she had to have it removed
    I love my babies and want the best for them. the problems I am having I will post the the right spot for them to much to go into here.

    sp.jpg SAM_0157-1.jpg GetAttachmentgvg.jpg
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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwww!!!!:love::love: Your pups are adorable!!!!:love::love: It must have been hard when your last dog passed:( Your pup Sassy looks like she's smiling!!!:D It must be tons of fun to have all 3 around!!!:)
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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Welcome to the forum, your dogs are just beautiful. So sorry about the loss of your sweet baby. Loads of great people here so please do feel free to post your issues in as much detail as you can in another area, and we'll all try to sort thru and throw in our two cents and help as much as we can. Have fun, and do read as many other threads as possible. Reading other posts about everything can help you learn. And just wait til you start trick training - it's just so much fun!! And nothing beats having fun with your dogs! (y):LOL:
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  9. Dlilly Honored Member

    Welcome! :D
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  10. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    I posted in behavior problems under females fighting. I need help bad with this
  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome :D Awww!!!!!! Cuteness overload your doggies are just soooooooooooooo beautiful:love: And love the smile on Sassy's little face:love: So sorry to hear of your little one crossing the Bridge, it's so hard isn't it when we lose our darlings:cry:

    You're in the right place for help, the members here are absolutely terrific and their advice is second to none. (y)(y)
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