Hi All

Hi I'm Nic and my constant companion is Hollyberry Golightly - obviously only gets her full title when she's in trouble. We've been together for 3 years, I rescued her from the Dog's Trust when she was a year or two old. She was called "Friend" during her time there and when anyone meets her they can understand why!! lol. I only changed it because I couldn't see myself standing in a field calling for Friend - might have been a little embarrassing. She is a border collie and so so smart, we did obedience training when I got her home and she reached her Gold Good Citizens Award with ease - although she has lapsed a little and I've never been able to stop her jumping up at people but that's probably more because I love her cuddles and don't tell her off when she does it to me, lol. We're really looking forward to learning some new tricks to keep us both occupied, she loves training and is always so keen to learn new things.


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Awww,hello and the warmest welcome to you,your friendship with your doggy sounds just lovely:love:
I can see why you changed the name "friend":LOL: what is her name now apart from the very long formal name:)
I can understand the wanting cuddles bit,too,I luuurve having cuddles with my boy,though he does not normally jump up,only when encouraged:ROFLMAO:
Anyway,looking forward to a chat and pics of your loving poochy :love:
Thanks for the post. She's generally just called Holly.
Thats why we're here, to see if I can control her jumping a bit easier and lots of new tricks obviously. I think its more about my focus rather than hers - she'd love to learn new things all the time!! lol . I remember a friend at school had a dog that knew the difference between a philips and star headed screwdriver - that's what we are aspiring to, haha


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Welcome to the DTA! Your dog sounds incredible! I kinda like strange names... people sure look at me weird when I call "Mouse!" Ha ha ha. One of my dogs was called Holly by the rescue, I had to change it though. My grandfather was in the airforce, and his last name was Hollingsworth... needless to say he was called Holly. My Mom had a bad moment or two when I used the name. I wasn't going to change it, but after Mom told me what the problem was, I changed her name to Scout.