Hi All!


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Hello All,

Wise (14 month, neutered male Kerry Blue Terrier) and his Mom (much older, witty woman) are new to DTA as of today. We have taken two training classes to date, both at PetSmart in Flint, MI (Puppy & Intermediate) to break the family (includes 17 y/o human brother and uncooperative Granny) into New Millennium dog ownership. Wise is Mom's "empty nest" baby, earning him the nickname of "spoiled butt" from Granny. We hope to begin agility for the bored (spends days with Granny), high energy speedster little boy this year as well as learn lots of new tricks. Our newest trick is Roll Over, as demonstrated on an Internet video. It's fairly performed, but long gangly legs make this one a little tough! We will post an Xmas pic as soon as Mom figures out the scanner or 'bro shows up:dogtongue2: