Hi all!


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I found this site by searching on google some explanation for a dog trick I wanted to learn, http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=p-kz7xWl-vc
I didn’t find the trick on your website but much more other nice ones we can use in our training, so thanks a lot! All your work to this site is really appreciated!!!
My 2 years old dog loves new tricks but sometimes my inspiration is lost :dogwacko:

Jean Cote

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That is a really neat trick, although probably very hard to train a dog to do. I'm sure that if you practiced daily you could get your dog to do it. There is a classroom lesson that teaches the dog to push a ball with his nose on the ground, kind of like playing soccer with you, but I've never even tried training my dog to balance it on his nose like that. My dog does know how to balance a treat on his nose though!! ;)